About The Congress 

The European Halal Congress aims to contribute to a better practical application of halal in everyday life through the presentation and affirmation scientific, professional and practical achievements on halal quality. The purpose of the Congress is to connect the academic community, industry (food, pharmaceutical, chemical and others) and state institutions into a single value chain. That is why the structure of the participants of the Congress, at the domestic and international level, consists of representatives of the academic community, scientific institutes, industry, agriculture and state bodies. Through presentation of knowledge and experience at the Congress, we strive to contribute to the development of halal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the world. Based on the fact that there are a large number of consumers of halal products around the world, efforts will be made to contribute to better cooperation of all actors and participants in the halal value chain. In this regard, halal production needs to increase productivity, improve quality, but also increase efficiency and effectiveness. The most important goal is to provide interested parties with a quality halal product. The scientific relevance of the congress is given by:

  • the number of participating university professors from the country and abroad,
  • the number of scientific and professional works that have been reported,
  • the reputation of the Book of Abstracts and Summaries and Journal of Halal Quality and Certification, which is intended to be registered in Scientific Databases,
  • faculties, institutes and organizations that contribute to the organization of the work of the Congress,
  • the references of the participants are shown by their names and biographies, as well as citations.

Involvement in the work of the Congress undoubtedly represents a contribution to the development of a better future and the creation of conditions for a better quality of halal products that are consumed daily around the world. We would like to welcome all participants of the congress, especially the authors of works from the country and abroad.

Prof. dr. Midhat Jašić, editor of proceedings and journals Dr. sci. Damir Alihodžić, president of the organizing committee of the Congress